Passion Labels and Packaging Cutomer Center

Passion Labels and Packaging Customer Center

The Passion Labels Customer Center has been designed for you as a quick and easy resource of tools to make your job a little easier. This includes Artwork and Production forms or checklists, along with Accounting items such as Credit Card Payment forms and a Credit Terms Application. If you would like for us to include any other quick reference tools or additional forms, please let us know. The Customer Center is for you, and to make your hectic life a little less hectic.

Artwork & Production


RESALE CERTIFICATE / TAX EXEMPT: If you are reselling the purchased labels or are incorporating them as a material into an item that will be produced for sale by manufacturing, assembling, processing or refining, you must send a copy of your Resale Certificate to us prior to an invoice being issued. If we do not receive a resale certificate, we are required to charge sales tax.
Fax: (941) 312-5059.