Passion Labels Flexographic Printing on a Mark Andy 2200 label press

Getting to know the Mark Andy 2200 Flexo Label Press

Passion Labels Mark Andy Flexographic Label Printing Press

How the Mark Andy Flexo Label Press makes a difference for you

The Mark Andy 2200's are known for their ever-lasting reliability and quality. Add the fact that the Production Team is relentless in their daily maintenance review programs, and you have an industry leading shop that stands out from the rest. By keeping the wheels running smoothly, there is far less that can go wrong. Lower costs, higher quality and quick delivery are the awesome benefits that you receive. Below you will find answers to commonly asked questions, along with some technical "geek speak" for those who embrace their inner geek from time-to-time...

Q and A with the Passion Labelstm Flexo Press Team

Q: How many colors can you print?

A: Up to 12 colors

Q: What's up with the HD Digital Flexo Plates?

A: Well, there's plates and then there is HD Digital Plates. The combination of the plate material used and the advanced pre-press plate imaging system used are the secret.

Q: How opaque is your White?

A: UV White can be used when necessary to get a quality Opaque White

     Typically one "hit" is used on metallic materials.

     Two "hits" are used on clear materials.

     Each "hit" uses a station in the press.

Q: How good is the print quality of flexographic labels?

A: Awesome. The combination of the plates, the high quality materials, the well-maintained

    presses and the truly amazing press operators give you some of the best labels in the business.

Q: What kind of materials can you print on?

A: This includes, but not limited to, Gloss Paper, White and Clear BOPP film,

    Metallized Foil Paper, Vinyl, Unsupported Film, Polyester (PET), Polyethylene (PE), etc.

Q: What line screen do you print?

A: Typically 150 lpi, but we can easily jump up to 200 lpi, when necessary.

Q: What are the smallest and largest label sizes you can print on the 2200's?

A: Smallest: .5" x .5" / Largest web width: 10" wide x 24" repeat length. (The largest die cut

    label is 9.5" wide x 23.875" repeat length.)

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