Keep your customers happy with a removable adhesive label that is designed to stick, but peel off cleanly!

For those of you sell a product that has a label adhered to it, stop and take a moment to think about "Will this label need to be removed by the customer before they can use or display their new item?" If the answer is "Yes!", then read below.

You will sell more product if you make it easy for your customers to enjoy!

Customers remember their total buying experience. This begins with where they shop, what they know of your product's reputation AND their experience with it once they get it home.

  • Was the package easy to open?
  • Does it feel sturdy and reliable?

We have all had experiences where we have purchased a new mirror, a glass jar or vase or a new set of dishes, and when we pull it out of the bag, we see the dreaded label that will fight for its life to remain on the product.

Smart manufacturers and sellers use labels with a removable adhesive. Your customers remember you because their total buying experience was easy. Enough to where they will even joke about it with their friends about how they bought your product and the label actually came off easy.

NOTE: A 1" x 1" - 1 color removable label compared to a permanent label is less than a 1/2 of a cent difference each in cost.

"Yes, you will sell more because you make it easy for your customer to peel off the label from their new product. They will be happier because the label removed from their mirror, glass jar or vase or their new set of dishes. Happy, excited customers keep coming back to you. They remain loyal and tell their friends and family about you. Free advertisement!"

Removable Labels are low cost and easy to get

Removable adhesive labels are low in cost. Removable adhesive labels are easy to get if you know where to find them.

Use Removable Labels, Make your customers happy, Sell more product!