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Enjoy the benefits that Shrink Sleeve Labels have to offer...

  • Increase your product's shelf visibility with Shrink Sleeve Labels!
  • Gain more space for eye-catching graphics, with 360° coverage!
  • Have comfort knowing that Shrink Labels are durable, scuff and moisture resistant!
  • Add Tamper Evident Protection to increase consumer confidence!
  • Promote your products with combo band shrink labels!
  • Save money with low cost, short run Digital Printed Shrink Labels!

What are Custom Shrink Labels?

For those of you who are new to Shrink Labels and are curious what they are or how they are used, read on!

Passion Labels Shrink Sleeve labels

Custom Shrink Labels are somewhat newer to the consumer market, but are quickly becoming one of the leading packaging options, replacing product labels. You see them everywhere today. Dairy products, candy containers, cleaning products, vitamin and supplement bottles, fruit juices, retail and pet products, personal care, and even cosmetics. Shrink Labels are ideal for use on metal, glass, and plastic packaging containers. They fit to nearly any container and contour to special shapes.

How do they go onto your bottle or packaging, you ask? Shrink Sleeve labels are a custom printed film that are placed around your product, then typically sent through a shrink label tunnel. When heat (preferably steam) is applied, the shrink label conforms to the contours of the packaging, leaving you with a beautiful full body sleeve container.

Increase your products shelf visibility with Shrink Sleeve Labels

The next time you take a walk through the store, look around at the products on the shelf. The Shrink Label products will tend to jump out at you. The beauty of the Shrink Labels are their unique visual identity, vibrant colors and the clean, conformed way that they hug the container. Many people find that the look gives a more professional and confident appearance, compared to labeled products. When consumers notice you, your sales go up.

Gain more space for eye-catching graphics, with 360° coverage

Since Shrink Sleeve Labels wrap around your packaging, the 360� coverage gives you nearly full use of the valuable real estate of the bottle. You are no longer limited to using only the flat surfaces of the container for a label. What are you going to use the extra room for?  Eye-catching graphics? Additional information or text? You now have 360° marketing capability, by using a Shrink Label. Make every surface sell!

Shrink Labels are durable, scuff and moisture resistant

Since Shrink Sleeve Labels are reverse printed, the ink is on the inside of the sleeve, protected. Once applied to your container, your branding and message are safe from the outside world. Also, unlike most labels, Shrink Labels are extremely scuff resistant, and are protected from shipping damage. I think we have all been witness to what extreme abrasion can take place with paper labels during the course of freight transit. Make this a thing of the past.

Another wonderful benefit of Shrink Sleeve Labels is that they are incredibly moisture resistant. They are perfect for the shower, refrigerator or even the beach. Because of materials used, and the fact that they are reverse printed, they are inherently fade resistant by nature.

Add Tamper Evident Protection to increase consumer confidence

Passion Labels tamper evident shrink sleeve labels

When a perforation is added to a Shrink Sleeve Label, around the opening, you have a tamper evident seal for your bottle. This secure seal provides quality and assures security to the wary customer. Custom printed tamper evident seals are most commonly found in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Another common practice is to use a Full Body Shrink Sleeve Label, which can act as both a shrink sleeve label and a tamper evident seal on your bottle. By consolidating these two, you are saving time and money on buying and applying two label products.

Types of Shrink Labels

There are various "types" of shrink labels, depending on what you are trying to achieve with your packaging.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels (Partial Body)

Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels allow you to use sleek graphics on your containers in areas where an adhesive label would not be possible. Especially on unconventional bottle contours and angles.

  • Shrink Sleeves only cover a portion of a container
  • Shrink Sleeves are usually placed on a container's body, allowing the lid/cap to be sealed separately
  • Shrink Sleeves shrink to fit the conture of your bottle, making an unusual shape sexy and appealing

Custom "Full Body" Shrink Labels

Custom Full Body Shrink Labels cover your packaging from top to bottom, maximizing your valuable marketing area.

  • Incorporate perforations onto the portion covering the lid, making a tamper-evident seal
  • Complete container coverage, allowing you to decorate your product with 360° graphics
  • Custom Shrink Labels can be used to re-brand your products with an eye-catching, updated look

Promote your products with combo band shrink labels


Proper product marketing is essential to the life of your products. Shrink labels offer awesome alternatives to helping you with a product promotion. Combination packaging allows for you to package and promote multiple containers together as one unit. This is ideal for:

  • Buy One / Get One promotions
  • Complimentary trial sizes
  • Product launches
  • Seasonal promotions
  • Liquidation of slow-moving merchandise
  • Stimulating sales during slow cycles

Staying Green with Shrink Sleeve Labels.

It's important that we continue to reuse and recycle. Since shrink labels do not use adhesive, they are able to be removed, making your container reusable. We are also able to supply shrink sleeve labels made from fully biodegradable, plant-based PLA material.

Save money with low cost, short run Digital Shrink Sleeve Labels

Yes, we can provide medium to long run shrink labels on both the Flexo or Rotogravure presses, but for your short run needs, Digital Shrink labels are the only way to go. Digital Printing allows for you to:

  • Keep your inventory levels at a minimum.
  • Order low quantities at a low total cost.
  • Prototype your new packaging at an excellent price.
  • Meet tight deadlines.
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