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We carry 4 common types of Shrink Sleeve Label Material

PETG HS-LV - Polypropylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG)

  • Up to 78% shrink
  • PETG starts to shrink between 158° F and 176° F
  • Highest level of clarity
  • Most commonly used for our Energy Drink Shrink Labels

PETG is a high density film with a high strength ratio and excellent clarity. While PETG is the most expensive and most heat resistant shrink sleeve material, they are the most scuff resistant, have a higher gloss, and also have a higher shrink percentage.

PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

  • Up to 64% shrink
  • PVC starts to shrink between 122° F and 140° F
  • Dominate film in the market - Approx. 70%
  • Performance characteristics well understood - Long history
  • Generally least expensive film - Supply and raw materials
  • Ideal for tamper evident bands or basic shrink items where high shrink is not required

PVC is a high density film that shrinks at low temperature ranges. The most commonly used shrink sleeve material for the market. It has excellent shrinkage rates, clarity, print quality, and a wide range of both shrink temperatures and shrink ratios. PVC also has high impact strength for extra weather resistance. This scuff resistant shrink sleeve material has the lowest cost, but is also less environmentally friendly than other shrink sleeve materials currently in use.

OPS - Oriented Polystyrene (OPS)

  • Up to 75% shrink
  • Softer feel
  • 30% yield savings vs. PVC / PETG
  • Perceived as environmentally friendly
  • Minimal MD shrinkage

OPS offers the lowest vertical shrink of the shrink materials in addition to a more consistent finish. OPS is also more cost effective than PETG. OPS shrink labels are commonly used containers that will be squeezed during application.

Earthfirst® PLA - Polylactide, or Polylactic acid

  • Up to 72% shrink
  • Renewable resource (corn/plant-based); compostable
  • Low shrink initiation temperature
  • FDA approved for direct food contact
  • Often used if you want to make an environmental statement

PLA is a biodegradable thermoplastic made from renewable resources. The fact that PLA is biodegradable has increased its popularity in recent years and in addition to its use as printed shrink sleeve labels, PLA has also been used as a loose-fill flexible packaging material. It's important to note that PLA is more expensive, it can be difficult to handle, since it very brittle, and it is NOT recyclable in recycling systems used today.

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