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High Quality Health and Beauty Product Labels, Health & Beauty Labels!

  • Brilliant colors and great fonts are an element of design that make your brand unique!
  • Identify your special Health & Beauty elements, and stand out from your competition!
  • A variety of high quality materials for your Health & Beauty product labels!
  • Protect your Health & Beauty labels with a premium lamination!
  • Understanding FDA rules and regulations on labels for beauty products.
Premium Custom Health & Beauty Labels

Passion Labels understands how difficult it is to find the perfect balance of resources, ingredients, packaging, and places to sell your custom Health & Beauty items. We also know the next biggest challenge, and some will tell you the hardest challenge you will face, is attracting the attention of the end consumer. Our beautiful custom beauty product labels, product knowledge, and our attention to every detail makes us the perfect partner for you.

Brilliant colors and great fonts are an element of design that make your brand unique!

  • Color: Color is not only an emotional statement about what you are conveying about your product, but it is also part of your branding. You want to use your colors to highlight areas and have your health and beauty labels stand apart from your competition. Learn more about colors and how they can have a tremendous impact on selling your Health & Beauty product line: Why Colors Are So Important To Your Custom Label Design
  • Fonts: Different types of fonts can be used when designing your custom beauty product labels. They can be a design element all themselves. Fonts can also be used as your logo.

Identify your special Health & Beauty product elements, and stand out from your competition!

  • Identifying Unique Features: Another element in helping your Health & Beauty brand to jump out in the crowd is to identify its one-of-a-kind benefits on the label. Does your product have specialty ingredients or is it natural or organic? This is a major trend in today’s Health and Beauty market.

Stand apart with a distinct look, using one of several material options

The type of material (texture) can also have an impact on how the consumer views your Health & Beauty line. Below we have listed some of the more common materials and their benefits / common uses.

Custom Beauty Product Labels Material Options
  • Premium Gloss Paper: This is your most economical option. Premium Gloss Paper is typically protected with either a Varnish Overcoat or a Film Lamination.
  • High Quality White or Clear Film: Higher in cost than the paper label material. The film adds additional durability and moisture or water resistance. This is the perfect option for products like shampoo (extreme moisture) or other Health and Beauty items, such as lotion, which require being squeezed or semi-squeezable.
    • The White Polypropylene (PP) Film is very popular in the Health & Beauty industry right now. PP has a pearlescent shimmer to it that adds a touch of class and elegance that people often associate with high-quality Health & Beauty product labels.
    • The Clear Polypropylene (PP) Film is used to achieve the "no-label look". Use this label when you want to show-off your product as the main feature.
  • Eye catching Foils or Holographic: Looking to add some shine to your custom beauty product labels? From straight Silver Foil to adding some color highlights, you have near endless design options.
  • Laminations: Laminations are ideal for your Health & Beauty labels that are subject to high moisture or get wet.
    • Gloss Lamination gives your Health & Beauty labels the high gloss and scuff resistance protection it needs to keep your products looking good until the it's time to re-order.
    • Matte Lamination has the same scuff resistance as the gloss overlam, but it does not have the high gloss. It has a beautiful soft texture and look that is often associated with Health & Beauty merchandise.
  • Shrink Sleeve Labels provide 360°, form fitted graphics: Shrink labels are gaining immense popularity in the recent years. They provide rich graphic print, full bottle coverage, and can also act as a tamper evident seal, reducing your overall packaging costs.

Understanding FDA rules and regulations on labels for beauty products.

Cosmetics marketed in the United States, whether manufactured here or imported from abroad, must be in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act), Fair Packaging and Labeling Act (FP&L Act), and the regulations published under the authority of these laws.
Find out more: FDA Regulations for your Health and Beauty Cosmetic Labels

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