Thermal Transfer Ribbons from Passion Labesl and Packaging will make your life easier

Thermal Transfer Ribbon can be used to print on a variety of label types, suited to meet your on-demand printing needs

  • Prolong your thermal printhead life with Thermal Transfer Ribbons!
  • Use Thermal Transfer Ribbons to print on your custom, pre-printed logo labels!
  • Print you own high density bar codes!
  • Thermal Transfer Ribbons are available for chemical and abrasion resistance!
  • Print in colors other than black!
  • Find out which Thermal Transfer Ribbon is ideal for your needs!
High Quality on-demand printing with Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Thermal Transfer Ribbons, used in combination with Thermal Transfer labels, are your ideal solution for high quality, on-demand printing. Passion Labels and Packaging, carries a wide range of ribbon, available in various cut widths.

Your thermal printhead will last longer with Thermal Transfer Ribbons

A Thermal Transfer Ribbon acts as a buffer between the printhead elements and label material, protecting the printhead. Thermal Transfer Ribbons are designed with an acrylic back-coating, that serves to increase printhead life, by reducing static and friction.

Most of you know from experience that replacing a thermal printhead can range from just over a couple hundred dollars to quite a few hundred dollars. It's an expensive part of your equipment, therefore you need to take precautions to get the most life out of it as possible. The good news is, using our Thermal Transfer ribbons will give you 2x - 3x more life than using a Direct Thermal label.

Use Thermal Transfer Ribbons to print variable information on your custom, pre-printed logo labels

Thermal Transfer Ribbons print on pre-printed logo labels

Combine the incredible benefits of on-demand printing with a custom label that stands out from the competition, with a pre-printed, thermal printable, custom label. As an example, you can have your company logo pre-printed on a label, leaving room to add your additional information. This is ideal for ingredient and nutritional information.

Use your Thermal Transfer Ribbons to print on various Thermal Printable coatings:

Thermal Transfer materials: This would include the most common Thermal Transfer label material, as either an economical paper material or film material.

Thermal Transfer UV Varnish overcoat: A Thermal Transfer UV Varnish overcoat adds basic scuff and ink protection to your label. You will also have a nice gloss shine that will give you a premium label look. The advantage of the varnish overcoat is that it can be used on nearly any material / adhesive combination, giving you the ability to thermally print on a material that fits your exact needs. Mid-Range Thermal Transfer ribbons are used with thermal printable varnishes.

Thermal Transfer Overlaminate: Thermal Transfer overlams are available in both a Gloss and Matte finish. An overlam adds the ultimate in label protection and durability. Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbons are engineered for and provide the most durable print when using Thermal Transfer overlams.

Print High Density Bar Codes, with Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Print High Density Bar Codes

In order to properly and cleanly thermally print your own bar codes, you will need to print with a Thermal Transfer Ribbon. The Thermal Transfer printing method provides much cleaner and precise images than its Direct Thermal printing method counterpart. Also, bar codes that need to last longer than a few days, and may be subjected to abrasion or conditions that could damage a Direct Thermal label, must be printed with a Thermal Transfer Ribbon. Trying to cut corners on your thermal printing could result in bar codes failing at the checkout lines.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons are available for chemical and heavy abrasion resistance

If you are in need of on-demand printing that can stand up to chemicals and even heavy abrasion, Passion Labelstm can help you. We carry Premium Resin Ribbons that are perfectly suited for even the toughest of environments. The ultimate in durability comes from using film materials in conjunction with the Premium Resin Ribbons.

Print in colors other than Black

Looking to add some more color to your labels? With Thermal Transfer Ribbons, you can print in colors other than Black.

Selecting the proper Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Selecting the proper Thermal Transfer Ribbon for your needs is important. If you have any questions or unsure, just pick up the phone and call us. We would be delighted to help you out. It's that easy! Just call us at (888) 425-3955

#1: Selecting your Thermal Transfer Ribbon type:

  Information and Applications For Printing On:
Wax Ribbon
(Resin Enhanced)
  • Lowest in cost.
  • High speed printing. (up to 12 ips)
  • Used for Shipping Labels.
  • Used for Pricing Labels.
  • Used for General Purpose indoor applications.
  • Used when long term durability is NOT an issue.
  • Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Uncoated Paper
  • Coated Paper
  • Synthetic Paper
Midrange Ribbon
(Wax / Resin)
  • More expensive than Wax Ribbons.
  • High speed printing. (up to 12 ips)
  • Used for printing on Thermal Transfer Varnish.
  • More resistant to scratching and smearing.
  • Can resist mild chemicals.
  • Suitable for short-term outdoor use.
  • Thermal Print Varnish
  • Coated Paper
  • Synthetic Paper
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene
Full Resin Ribbon
  • Most expensive of Ribbons.
  • Used for printing on Thermal Label Lamination.
  • Maximum durability and chemical resistance.
  • Excellent print quality on high end films.
  • Automotive / Electronics / Pharmaceutical
    Healthcare / Industrial / Outdoor / UL/CSA
  • Thermal Print Overlams
  • Polyester
  • Vinyl
  • Polymide

#2: Ink Configuration / Ribbon Wind

If you are unsure or your Thermal Transfer Ribbon wind direction, then specify your brand (Make and Model) of Thermal Printer when you order your ribbon. You are also able to check your thermal printer's instruction manual to see if your Thermal Transfer Ribbon is wound IN or OUT.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Wind Direction

#3: Ribbon Width

The ribbon should extend past the the edges of the label material in order to prevent damage to the printhead from abrasion by the label material. For example, a 3" label would require at least a 3.25" ribbon. Another example would be for 4" labels, a 4.25" or 4.33" is the typical Thermal Transfer Ribbon width used.

#4: Ribbon Length

The best place to look for your printer's maximum roll length is in the manual or online.

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