Vitamin Labels

Vibrant colors, Amazing quality, Digitally or Flexographically printed

  • Your vitamin labels will look incredible, with Passion's High Definition Printing
  • Passion Labelstm experience with vitamin labels will be an invaluable tool for you
  • Specialty varnish and overlams provide a durable, no-smear protective layer
  • Shrink labels provide 360° graphics and can add the benefit of tamper resistance
  • Resealable, Extended Content Labels provide the extra space when you need it

High quality vitamin labels printed digitally or flexographically

Vitamin Labels from Passion Labels and Packaging can be printed digitally or flexographically

If you are looking for a custom vitamin label printer that you can trust. One that will deliver a high quality, durable vitamin label, consistently, order after order, you just found what you were looking for.

The team at Passion Labelstm is dedicated to servicing our customers and giving them the highest quality printing available in the industry. Our investment in the latest technology ensures your colors will be rich and vibrant, extremely consistent from order to order and stand out from your competition's packaging. We print a whole lot of vitamin labels. What this means for you is that you now have someone that can make your job easier. Put our experience to work for you.

Four Color Process, Opaque Whites on clear, Decorative Foil Stamping, Embossing... Your vitamin labels can be customized to get the 'one-of-a-kind" appeal that will bring distinction to your brand and product image.

Digital Printing is perfect for low quantities or multiple SKU's

If your bringing a product to the test market or are looking to start with a small run of vitamin labels, then digital printing is perfect for you.

The HP Indigo digital presses have set the industry standard for printing excellence. This gives you the benefit of quality, consistency and "no plates" printing, keeping your vitamin label costs at an absolute minimum. With digital vitamin label printing, you can even have your labels sequential numbered, or lot codes and dates printed, without the hassle of printing plates being required for each new run.

Flexographic Printing is ideal for printing mid to large runs

If you are in need of medium to large runs of custom vitamin labels, flexographically printing your custom vitamin labels will save you money. The high production speeds offset your prep costs and offer you a tremendous cost savings on your labels.

The latest advances in technology and equipment allows Passion Labelstm to print your vitamin labels with incredible quality. Digital plate making and proofing ensures your images are vibrant, precise and consistent. Your labels can even be flexographically printed with up to 12 colors if necessary.

Specialty overlams and varnishes ensure a durable, no-smear protective layer

Your vitamin bottle labels should be protected, ensuring you keep quality brand image throughout the life of your product. Vitamin bottles are handled on a daily basis. Oils from skin, damage from being carried around in a purse, tossed around on a counter or thrown into a drawer... the labels will be abused. We use premium varnishes and overlams to protect your labels.

If you are going to be printing / stamping your labels with a lot code and exp. date, you will need a specialty varnish or overlam. With short run digital printing, we can easily and cost effectively do this for you, but in most cases the stamping will be done at the time of bottling.

NOTE: It is critical that we know how your custom vitamin labels will be lot / date coded. The good news is, we work with co-packers / bottlers across the country, so we may already know. Otherwise, all you need to do is give us their contact information and we can find out for you.

From tamper resistant shrink labels to paper or films, there is an ideal material to suit your needs

The material you choose for your labels is a huge part of your branding strategy for your custom vitamin labels. Below we have listed some of the more common materials and their benefits / common uses.

Vitamin Labels can be printed on several different materials
  • Premium Gloss Paper: Lowest in cost. Paper is typically protected with either a Varnish Overcoat or a Film Lamination.
  • Quality White or Clear Film: Higher in cost than Gloss paper. Film adds additional durability and moisture or water resistance for your vitamin label.
    • Polypropylene (PP) has a pearlescent shimmer to it that adds a touch of class and elegance that people often associate with a high quality vitamin product.
    • The Clear Polypropylene (PP) Film is often used to achieve the "no-label look".
  • Eye catching Foils or Holographics: Looking to add some shine to your vitamin label? You can even change the color of the foil by printing a color to change the tinting, you have near endless design options. Take it one step further and go with a Rainbow Holographic material for the ultimate in materials.
  • Gloss or Matte Varnishes or Overlams: Depending on the look you are going for, and of course if your vitamin labels are to be lot / date stamped, you have the options of gloss or matte varnish or overlams.
  • Shrink Sleeve Labels provide 360°, form fitted graphics: Shrink labels are gaining immense popularity in the recent years, especially in the vitamin industry. They provide rich graphic print, full bottle coverage, and can also act as a tamper evident seal, reducing your overall packaging costs.

Gain extra label space with Resealable ECL Custom Vitamin Labels

Resealable vitamin labels allow your customers the ability to peel back the top label, exposing another whole label surface underneath. The adhesive hinged edge keeps the top layer from peeling completely off. When the customer has finished viewing the secondary information, they simply just close the label up and go about their business. It's that easy!

Why use a custom resealable vitamin label? If you need room for additional drug facts or more information than can fit on the front of the label, it's the perfect solution for you. The completely film construction will provide the necessary durability that you expect from your labels. Find out more about ECL Booklet Labels.

Let us make your vitamin labels extremely easy for you...

  • If you are not sure or what materials to use, call us @ (941) 312-5003, and ask for Shane.
  • If you are having a contract packager apply your labels for you, and do not know their requirements (unwind direction, finished roll size, label topcoat requirements. let us know who it is. We probably already work with them or we can get the very important info from them. Call us @ (941) 312-5003, and ask for Shane, or: Send us a message
  • If you would like to send us artwork to review, then Upload Your Files
  • If you would like an adhesive label quote, visit our Adhesive Labels Quote Request
  • If you would like a shrink label quote, visit our Shrink Labels Quote Request

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Vitamin Label regulations and FDA requirements

Please consult the following sources for further information on vitamin labeling, including marketing a new dietary ingredient and the acceptable format of a Supplement Facts / Drug Facts panel: